Come volunteer at the New Baldwins. 

Volunteering here is like having a cozy working vacation. We're a popular WWOOF member working on our green house. We grow edible flowers for our salads,  build twig animals and already have a bear in the front of the resort. Volunteers work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week with three meals a day. 

We are looking for a one to three month commitment as it is a lengthy project and we would like you here for the duration of the season.  You are energetic, positive, versatile, and don't use the expression it's not my job.  You may be needed in various capacities such as\: landscaping, tractor, water planting (we have 2 ponds), meal prep, kitchen clean-up, laundry,housekeeping, gardening, fence building for a dog run, driving or errand running (please let us know if you have a valid driver's license), sewing, carpentry, painting, and cleaning, and doggy day care.  

Please Contact Us to set up an interview.