Artist In Residence Program-The "New" Baldwins Resort/Muskoka Chautauqua

July 9-13

Barbara Klunder, Drawing

July 16-20

Peter Jarvis and Steve Houston, Painting clouds and nature

July 23-27

Peter Jarvis and Kevin Hunt, Painting clouds and nature

July 30-August 3

Dianne Sonnenberg, Mosaics

August 6-10

Sean William Dawson, Print Making

August 13-17

Sue and Greg Hindle, Plein Air Painting

August 20-25

Sarah Lock, Visual arts and dance

August 27-31

Debora Hui and Ahleli Pimienta, Piano and Flutz

Classes are every Monday to Friday 1pm-3pm

All classes complimentary to our in-house guests

Classes offered to the public $20.00 per person

Friday night Arts party 4pm-6pm

Complimentary to our in-house guests

Public $35.00 per person